Cross table consists of two axis X and Y on base linear synchronous servomotors, built in aluminium profiles with roller guideways and glued measuring tape of magnetical encoder.
Axis Y is mounted on top of carriage of axis X with screws and two locating pins. Motor consist of a fixed steel plate with glued permanent magnets (stator), protected by stainless steel cover,
and movable lamination stack with windings (forcer).
Windings are encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy. The smoothness of movement is achieved by sinusoidal commutation of motor phases currents.

Name Unit 2D-24-1054-550 (HS)
Pole pair length 2Р mm 24
Peak force Fp, N 323
Continuous force air cooling Fa, N 115
Peak current (RMS) at Fp Ip, Arms 10,5
Continuos current at 120 C with air cooling at Fa and V=0 Ia, Arms 3,6
Maximum velocity at Fp and Us (Coil at 20°C) Vp, m/s 03.фев
Maximum velocity at Fa and Us (Coil at 20°C) Va, m/s 04.июн
Motor constant (coil at 20°C) Ко 16,5
Maximal stroke on axes Х/Y 1054/550
Back EMF constant (*) (peak phase-phase) Ku 37
Forcer length Lf, mm 206
Forcer width Wf, mm 55
Forcer weight mf, kg 1,4
Electrical resistance at 20°C R, Omh 03.фев
Electrical inductance L, mH 19
Recommended supply voltage DC Us, VDC 155/310
Position accuracy with magnet encoder mm/m 0.1*
repeatability micron 5
resolution micron 1
user payload mu, kg 5

The manipulator based on linear synchronous motors is designed for use in coordinate systems where high speed is required in combination with high accuracy of movement.