Stage consist of linear motor built on aluminium profile with linear guideways, and measuring system (magnet encoder).
The linear motor consist of forcer with electromagnetic modules and magnet way.
The magnet way is fixed on the aluminium profile.
The forcer is assembled on the carriage that is destined for installation of user's mechanisms or for joining in more complexity coordinate system.

Complete solution for one-axis positioners
Direct drive (gearless) guarantee backlash-free and smooth (without vibration) motion for long distance
High dynamics, accuracy and resolution.
Maximum stroke up to 9 m.
Modular structure, easy assembling several stages to gantry system.
Built-in position encoder.

Packing machines.
Mechatronic nodes.
One-axis positioners

Title Continuos current, Armsforcer height, mmContinuous force, NInductance, mHRecommended supply voltage DC