The linear table on the basis of synchronous motor is used for make the co-ordinate
systems with high dynamic characteristics..Structurally linear axis consists of a metal profile
with built-in linear guideways, the linear synchronous motor LSM-P-24-110-50 and measuring
system. The linear motor consist of forcer with electromagnetic modules and magnet way which are
the table basis. The forcer simultaneously is an element of drive and contact platform for installation
of loading or connection in more complex coordinate system.

1. High dynamic characteristics, the maximum acceleration up to 5g.
2. Direct drive (gearless) guarantee backlash-free and smooth travel for long distance.
3. A horizontal or vertical arrangement.
4. The maximum stroke up to 2,5 m.
5. The built-in position encoder (Output signal 1Vpp).
6. The modular structure, easy assembling several stages to gantry system .

Small-sized Milling five-coordinate machines.
Production of molds, models, prototypes.
Creating models of parts of complex shape.