Independent movement on two axes.
Linear movement along the X and Y axes and rotational along F with a wide range of speed, acceleration and programmable path control.
Positioning anywhere in the stator.
Compact system with low build-in height.
The possibility of implementing in the same plane several coordinate systems with intersecting trajectories on the same plate.

Precision rotary tables.
Robotic systems.
Laying light fibers.
Software-driven drums.
Assembly operations in microelectronics and instrumentation: LSI VLSI welding.
Probe control. Installation operations.
Planting crystals.
Systems for control of printed circuit boards.
Laser technology modules.
Measuring machines.

PRM-P-0.64-146-154-23 RRM-M-1.0-140×36
Parameter, unit measuring value Parameter, unit measuring value
Overall dimensions of the motor (AxBxH), mm 146 x 154 x 23 Overall dimensions of the motor, mm dia 140 * 36
Weight, kg 1,80 Weight, kg 0.8
Compressed air consumption, litr / min 6,60 Compressed air consumption, litr / min 10.5
Rated current / phase, Amp 3.0 Rated current / phase, Amp 3.0
Resistance, ohm 1,50 Resistance, ohm 0.9
Inductance, mH 1,30 Inductance, mH 1,10
Force, N: X coordinate 70,00 Static moment, Nm 3.6
Y coordinate 70,00
Repeatability, microns 3,00 Repeatability
(open loop)
 movement accuracy, microns ±10 Angular accuracy 1′
Resolution, microns 1,00 Resolution 20″
Max. speed, m/s 1,00 Max. speed, rad/s 12
Moment of inertia of the rotor, kg.m2  0.0015